What are the latest proposals for DSM-5 “Somatic Symptom Disorders” categories and why are they problematic? (Part 2)

What are the latest proposals for DSM-5 “Somatic Symptom Disorders” categories and why are they problematic? (Part 2)

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Part 1 of this report can be read here in Post #75:

What are the latest proposals for DSM-5 “Somatic Symptom Disorders” categories and why are they problematic? (Part 1)

In the first part of this report, I addressed some of the queries that have been raised around the second public review of proposals for the revision of DSM categories and diagnostic criteria. Stakeholder feedback is being accepted now until 15 June and I’ll be giving more information on how to submit feedback via the DSM-5 Development website in a forthcoming post.

In this post, I am setting out the latest proposals (dated 14 April 2011) from the DSM-5 Somatic Symptom Disorders Work Group, as published on the DSM-5 Development website, on 4 May. The next post will set out extracts from the two key documents that accompany these revised proposals and why ME and CFS patient representation organizations, patients and advocates need to register their concerns via this second public review.

Criteria proposals and rationales are expanded upon within the two key documents and the devil is in the detail. Patient organizations will need to review both documents, as changes have been made since last year. And if you are able to do so, I recommend that patients, carers and patient advocates read them, too.

At over a dozen pages long, the “Rationale” document (which is titled: “Justification of Criteria — Somatic Symptoms”) looks potentially daunting, but the text is not as long as it appears since five or six pages of references are included at the end. Edits to the documents since the versions published in January, this year, have been highlighted by the Work Group in yellow.


Somatic Symptom Disorders

Below, I am posting proposal details for categories J 00 thru J 04.

Note that the two key PDF documents, dated 14 April 2011 called: “Disorder Descriptions” (7 pages) and “Rationale” contain full disorder descriptions and rationales for all category proposals in the Somatic Symptom Disorders categories, so you need only download one copy of each PDF.

Open full disorder descriptions here       Disorders Description   Key Document One: “Somatic Symptom Disorders”

Open full rationale document here       Rationale Document   Key Document Two: “Justification of Criteria — Somatic Symptoms”

Related material

Patient organisations, professionals and advocates submitting comments in the DSM-5 draft proposal review process are invited to provide copies of their submissions for this second and current public review for publication on this site.

Read submissions in the last DSM-5 public review, held Feb-April 2010 here:


International patient organisation submissions:

Whittemore Peterson Institute, Steungroep CFS Netherlands, CFS Associazione Italiana, ME Association (endorsing submission by Dr Ellen Goudsmit), Action for M.E., Invest in ME, Mass. CFIDS/ME & FM, The CFIDS Association of America, Vermont CFIDS Association, IACFSME, The 25% ME Group

A number of patient advocate submissions are also published.


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