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American Psychiatric Association (APA)  |  Publishers of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)
APA DSM pages  |  DSM-IV resources
APA DSM-5 Development pages  |  DSM-5 (DSM-V) resources

Index of Psychiatric Disorders DSM-IV Codes online |  Not official DSM-IV site
BehaveNet APA Diagnostic Classification DSM-IV-TR |  Not official DSM-IV site

World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO ICD Revision  |  Main WHO website: Resources, Steering and Topic Advisory Groups

ICD-11 development resources

ICD-11 Revision siteRevision resources
ICD-11 Revision site Documents Page  |  Key revision documents

ICD-11 Revision Information  |
ICD-11 Timeline  |

ICD-11 YouTube Channel  |  Video reports from September 09 iCAMP meeting
ICD-11 on Facebook  |
ICD-11 on Twitter  |
ICD-11 Blog  |  No updates since October 2009

Dx Revision Watch ICD-11 YouTubes  |

ICD-11 Beta Browser  |  Searchable browser launched May 2012; register for increased interaction

WHO Publications

ICD-10 Tabular List online Version: 2015  |  International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision Version: 2015, Tabular List of inclusions and Chapter List.

ICD-10 Volume 2: Instruction Manual  |  Volume 2 online Version: 2010 PDF Download

ICD-10 for Mental and Behavioural Disorders Diagnostic Criteria for Research  |  PDF download
ICD-10 for Mental and Behavioural Disorders Clinical Descriptions and Diagnostic Guidelines  |  PDF download

ICD Clinical Modifications

ICD-10-CM Release for FY 2016   |  CDC site: US Clinical Modification Proposals: replaces the FY 2015 version [1]

Other Organisations

American Psychological Association (APA)  | Do not confuse with American Psychiatric Association

Journals and Publications

PsychiatryOnline  |   American Psychiatric Publishing Inc.
Psychiatric Times Online  |  News, features, special reports, commentary
Psychiatric Times DSM-5 pages  |  Resources for DSM-IV, articles, updates, commentary on DSM-V


Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders  |
DSM-IV Codes  |
DSM-5  |

Opinion and bloggers

Psychiatric Times The Couch in Crisis  |
Psychiatric Times On DSM-5 |

DSM5 in Distress  |  Psychology Today, Allen Frances, MD
Side Effects  |  Psychology Today, Christopher Lane, PhD

Carlat Psychiatry Blog  |  Dan Carlat MD

Further resources

Controversial issues for the future DSM-V  |  Sarah Kamens, Fordham University, Commentary and Resources paper

Dx Revision Watch Controversies links  |

[1] Although the release of ICD-10-CM for 2016 is available for public viewing, the codes in ICD-10-CM are not currently valid for any purpose or use. The effective implementation date for ICD-10-CM (and ICD-10-PCS) is October 1, 2015. Updates to this version are anticipated prior to implementation of ICD-10-CM.