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ICD-10 Tabular List Version: 2010

The current version of ICD is ICD-10.

There are three volumes published for ICD-10: The Tabular list, The Instruction Manual and The Alphabetical Index.

ICD-10 Volume 1  Tabular List of inclusions and four-character subcategories

ICD-10 Volume 2  |  Instruction Manual Version for 2010 [PDF]

ICD-10 Volume 3  |  The Alphabetical Index

The Tabular List of inclusions and four-character subcategories in 22 Chapters is available online here:

Tabular List ICD-10 Version:2010

This ICD-10 Version: 2010 browser incorporates the annual updates to ICD-10 since 2007 and replaces the ICD-10 Tabular List version for 2007.

See this report Post #106 for a screenshot of the new platform for ICD-10 Version: 2010.

WHO does not make ICD-10 Volume 3: The Alphabetical Index available online.

(For ICD-11, in addition to print versions, all volumes will be electronically published and accessible for free online.)

ICD-10 Chapter V is also published as a separate publication known as the “Blue Book” and available as a PDF:

“ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders Clinical descriptions and diagnostic guidelines”: http://www.who.int/classifications/icd/en/bluebook.pdf

ICD-11 drafting

ICD Revision is using collaborative electronic platforms for the drafting and reorganization of ICD chapters, the reviewing of changes and population of content. In November 2010, the iCAT drafting platform, which had been viewable by the public, was taken out of the public domain. You can see what it looked like in this post: Post #46

In May 2011, the ICD-11 Alpha Browser Drafting platform was launched for public viewing. Since July 2011, registered stakeholders have been able to upload comments and suggestions via the Alpha Browser.

For Caveats, Introduction and Registration for fuller access see the ICD-11 Alpha Browser User Guide

The Alpha drafting process for ICD-11 has been running behind schedule for the population of content and the development of software. The original timeline had scheduled the completion of the “Beta II” by May 2012, when field trials would begin.

But in early 2011, ICD Revision was discussing whether to postpone the Beta Draft.

Source: Slide presentation: ICD Revison Paediatrics Meeting, Ankara, Turkey, 28 February – 1 March 2011

The current Timeline now has a Beta scheduled for May 2012. It’s not known whether ICD Revision is likely to meet this revised schedule.

I will update at the top of this page as more information about the Beta Draft becomes available on the WHO ICD-11 Revision pages or the ICD Revision Google site or from other sources.

For more information on the development of ICD-11 see this Tab page ICD-11

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