APA reschedules publication of DSM-5 draft proposals for diagnostic criteria

APA reschedules publication of DSM-5 draft proposals for diagnostic criteria

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Update: Some information here on Dr Todd Finnerty’s blog around the launch of the new DSM-5 website and publication of draft criteria: DSM-5 / DSM-V proposals will be ready, the website just needs to be tested

Draft proposals for the revision of DSM-5 diagnostic criteria are not now expected to be published until Wednesday 10 February.

In an announcement yesterday, 15 January, the APA noted on its website that “The new DSM5.org Web site, which will include proposed revisions and draft diagnostic criteria, has been rescheduled for launch on Wednesday, February 10, 2010.”

In Psychiatric News on 1 January 2010, Alan F. Schatzberg, MD, President of the American Psychiatric Association, had written that draft guidelines for diagnostic criteria would be posted on the Web on January 20 with a comment period of “two to three months” and that field trials would commence in July.

In a news release on 10 December, the APA announced that the timeline for the publication of DSM-5 (DSM-V) was being extended from May 2012 to May 2013.

WHO ICD Revision has its Alpha Draft for ICD-11 timelined for 10 May 2010 but has yet to announce a launch date for the iCAT – the wiki-like, collaborative authoring platform through which ICD-10 is being revised.

Read the APA’s 10 December News Release here 

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