Feedback invited on DSM-5 draft criteria

APA President, Alan F. Schatzberg, M.D., invites feedback on the DSM-5 draft criteria from APA members, professionals and the lay public

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Psychiatric News March 5, 2010
Volume 45 Number 5 Page 1

Association News

Feedback Invited

The proposed revisions for DSM-5 are available for review and comment at until April 20. After comments are reviewed and further revisions made, the criteria will be tested in field trials for about a one-year period starting in July. The final draft of DSM-5 will be submitted to the APA Assembly and Board of Trustees for review and approval, with an expected publication date of May 2013.

Psychiatric News March 5, 2010
Volume 45 Number 5 Page 3

From the President

DSM-5: The Next Steps Begin
Alan F. Schatzberg, M.D.

Last month, APA posted the DSM-5 draft criteria on the DSM-5 Web site and held a variety of press and advocacy-group briefings about the launching (see APA Makes DSM-5 Proposals Available for Comment). The resulting coverage has been generally positive, although there will continue to be naysayers and those who want to emphasize the controversies rather than the science and great efforts than have been extended thus far…

…The next steps in the DSM process are to gather the responses from our members and the professional and lay public and determine whether any of the proposed changes need to be amended before the field trials begin in the summer.

The DSM-5 Web site can be found at After registering, anyone can access this very informative, user-friendly site. I invite you to log on, review, and comment on the proposed changes.

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Psychiatric News March 5, 2010
Volume 45 Number 5 Page 1

Association News

APA Makes DSM-5 Proposals Available for Comment
Jun Yan

Proposed changes to diagnostic criteria and rationales for those changes are laid out online for clinicians and the public to review and comment on before they are tested in field trials.

The much-anticipated draft revisions proposed for DSM-5 have been posted online for view and comment by psychiatrists, mental health professionals, and the public, APA announced in February.

Substantial changes to the current diagnostic criteria have been proposed by 13 work groups based on accumulated research evidence. Sugested changes include the consolidation and elimination of numerous diagnoses and the addition of several new ones. These proposed revisions and rationale for them are posted at

…To ensure the transparency of the DSM-5 development process, APA members, other psychiatrists, mental health professionals, medical professionals, and the public are invited to review and comment on the draft criteria. After the public-comment period closes on April 20, the DSM-5 work groups will review the comments. Field trials will then test the proposed criteria, with changes, in both specialty mental health and primary care settings starting in July. The field trials are expected to be concluded in July 2011. Data obtained from these field trials will be incorporated into later drafts.

The final draft of DSM-5 will be submitted to the APA Assembly and Board of Trustees for review and final approval. The new manual is expected to be published in May 2013.

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On 10 February, I posted information on the DSM-5 Somatic Symptom Disorders Work Group proposal to rename the existing DSM-IV category “Somatoform Disorders” to “Somatic Symptoms Disorders”.

I included information on the proposed new classification:

Complex Somatic Symptom Disorder (CSSD)

and proposals for combining Somatoform Disorders, Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Condition (PFAMC), and Factitious Disorders under a common rubric entitled Somatic Symptom Disorders.

Links and further information on this DSM-5 and ICD-11 Watch page: DSM-5 drafts where draft proposals and revisions and are set out for two examples:

Example [1] Complex Somatic Symptom Disorder [Proposed new classification]


Example [2] 316 Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Condition [Proposed for revision]

Two key PDF documents are associated with these proposals:

      Somatic Symptom Disorders Introduction  DRAFT January 29, 2010

      Justification of Criteria – Somatic Symptoms  DRAFT January 29, 2010


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