Psychiatric Times Editor invites readership to submit views on DSM-5 for potential publication

Editor of Psychiatric Times invites its readership to submit views on DSM-5 for potential publication

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Although the current DSM-5 Development Timeline has a third draft scheduled for release in January-February, 2012, for a two month period for public comment, this final draft is expected to be delayed until spring, pending completion of the DSM-5 field trials.

In this November 9, 2011 report by Deborah Brouser for Medcape Medical News, DSM-5 Task Force vice-chair, Darrel Regier, MD, says “no later than May 2012.”

 APA Answers DSM-5 Critics

“…Although the routine clinical settings field trials were expected to be completed by the end of December, it has been extended to around March 2012. Dr. Regier said that this will probably push back the final public feedback period to no later than May 2012.”

When the third and final draft has been published, a notice and links will be posted on my sites with instructions on how to register with the DSM-5 Development site for submitting feedback to the Task Force and 13 work groups.

According to Darrel Regier, Vice-Chair of the DSM-5 Task Force, the specific diagnostic categories that received most comments in the second public review of draft proposals, in May-July, 2011, were sexual and gender identity disorders, followed closely by somatic symptom disorders and anxiety disorders.

December 16, 2011

In a brief Editorial entitled The Debate Over DSM-5: We Invite Your Views, James L. Knoll IV, MD, Editor, Psychiatric Times, clarifies Psychiatric Times’s position with regard to the journal’s intent behind posting the many blogs about DSM-5 that appear on its web site.

Dr Knoll encourages and invites readers to submit their viewpoints on DSM-5 “in the spirit of collegial and scientific investigation.”

Dr Knoll writes that manuscripts and letters sent to will be reviewed for possible publication either in print or on

Read Editorial here

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