WHO iCAMP ICD-ICF Linkages Meeting: New documents on ICD-11 Revision site

WHO iCAMP ICD-ICF Linkages Meeting, Geneva, 28–29 January 2010: New documents on ICD-11 Revision site

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A two day iCAMP Face-to-Face Meeting was held on 28 to 29 January, in Geneva, Switzerland.

ICF = International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health

Wikipedia article

“International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, also known as ICF, is a classification of the health components of functioning and disability. The ICF classification complements WHO’s International Classification of Diseases-10th Revision (ICD), which contains information on diagnosis and health condition, but not on functional status. The ICD and ICF constitute the core classifications in the WHO Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC).”

List of Participants, Meeting Agenda, Background Documentation, PowerPoint presentations and other documents can be found here on the Face-to-Face Meeting page, ICD-11 Revision Site: ICD-ICF Linkages Meeting

Three documents that may be of interest:

Note: It is not yet known how much textual content might be included in ICD-11: Volume 1, and ICD-11: Volume 3: The Alphabetical Index, for the terms that are the focus for this site. But this is the most recent version of this important document and it needs to be scrutinised.

Style Guide for the Content Model of the ICD-11 Alpha draft

The “Content Model” identifies the basic properties needed to define any ICD concept (unit, entity or category) through the use of multiple parameters.

Most recent version of Content Model Style Guide (at 27.01.10)

Note: Project milestones on Page 5 gives a release date for the ICD-11 Alpha draft as February 2010.  Other current ICD Revision resources give a date of May 2010.

ICD Revision Project Executive Summary

Project milestones and budget, and organizational overview  Page 5

New document: ICD Revision Project Executive Summary (at 25.01.10)

Alpha Drafting Workflow

Sets out lines of responsibility between the various contributors for the alpha drafting phase.
TAG = Topic Advisory Group; RSG = Revision Steering Group.

• TAG members and TAG workgroup members
• Classification Experts. (mainly the experts on the classification with respect to the mortality and morbidity use cases)
• TAG managing Editors
• Reviewers who are asked to review portions of the content in a structured fashion
• TAGs

Alpha Drafting Workflow (at 06.10.09)

Additional resources and documents are being posted by ICD Revision on a dedicated public access site. Some of these documents are works in progress and subject to internal review and revision. Please refer to the site for the most recent versions. The three documents posted here are as they stood at 28 January 2010.

ICD-11 Revision site  |  Revision and iCAMP meeting resources

ICD-11 Revision site Documents Page  |  Key revision documents


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