Submitting comments in the DSM-5 Draft Proposal review process

Submitting comments in the DSM-5 Draft Proposal review process

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According to DSM-5 Development page:

Proposed Draft Revisions to DSM Disorders and Criteria

All stakeholders may participate in the review process by registering on the site and submitting their comments.

The APA will be posting draft criteria for input until April 20th.

“After this time, the work group members may make revisions based on the input received”

“Revised draft criteria for select disorders will then be subjected to field trials (real-world testing in clinical settings). The draft criteria may also change based on incorporation of dimensional measures and other areas that will affect diagnosis across DSM-5. Once these changes have been implemented and/or tested, we will post the revised criteria on this site to allow commentary once again, before beginning a second wave of field trials.”

There are just under nine weeks during which stakeholders in DSM-5 – members of the public, patient representation organisations, professionals and end users can submit their comments.

Please take this opportunity to comment and to also alert and encourage patient organisations and professionals to participate.

I would welcome copies of comments from patient organisations, professionals and advocates for publication on a dedicated DSM-5 submissions page on this site.


The comment period runs from 10 February to 20 April.

Register here:

APA’s new DSM-5 Development site:

Participate [Top right]

New User Register Now

> APA DSM-5 Registration

“Please complete the registration below in order to submit comments. If you are a clinician, you may also elect to receive an email about possible participation in DSM-5 field trials by checking the appropriate checkbox.”

Required fields are:

User Name
[Enter a valid email address for the verification process.]
First Name
Last Name

There are also optional fields for

Job Title

[There is a six character security field.]

When the registration is completed, an auto generated verification email is sent confirming Username, and a Temporary Password which can be changed, if desired.

You can also register via a link at the bottom of each proposal, for example, at the bottom of these two key pages:

Complex Somatic symptom disorder (CSSD)

Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Condition

Once registered and logged in, you will be able to upload your comments via a Rich Text Editor at the foot of each proposal.

I would suggest composing your submission off line, for example, in a draft email, in order to retain a copy should the upload screw up or your connection go down just as you are about to hit “Submit”.


Note that if you are viewing proposals from this page:

you won’t see the page for:

“Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Condition”

This is one of the DSM-IV categories that the Work Group is proposing should be combined with several other current categories under “Somatic Symptom Disorders”.

In order to view this page, the Proposed Revision, Rationale and other Tabs, or if you wished to submit a comment specifically in relation to this proposal, this is the path:

Meet us Tab

Click on link

Somatic Symptoms Disorders [under Work Groups heading]

which takes you to:

Scroll down to:


[list of 20 links in which is listed]

316 Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Condition

or use the link above to go directly to that page.

There are two key PDF documents associated with proposals for the DSM categories currently classified under “Somatoform Disorders” [5]. These provide an overview of the new proposals and revisions and a “Justification of Criteria” rationale document. I would recommend downloading these.


Related information:

[1] APA’s new DSM-5 Development webpages:

[2] Somatoform Disorders:

[3] Complex Somatic Symptom Disorder (CSSD):

[4] Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Condition:

[5] Key documents:

      PDF Somatic Symptom Disorders Introduction DRAFT 1/29/10

     PDF Justification of Criteria – Somatic Symptoms DRAFT 1/29/10

[6] For more information see this DSM-5 and ICD-11 Watch site, DSM-5 proposals page:


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