New WHO YouTube videos: ICD-11 and ICTM

New WHO YouTube videos: ICD-11 and ICTM

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ICD-11 Alpha Draft

It was anticipated that an Alpha Draft for ICD-11 would be ready by 10 May. ICD Revision Steering Group has issued no news release around a launch but I will update as soon as information becomes available.

My previous report “ICD-11 Alpha Draft scheduled to launch between 10 and 17 May” can be read here on DSM-5 and ICD-11 Watch.


ICD on YouTube

Two new videos have been added to the WHOICD11 YouTube channel.

WHOICD11 Channel YouTube:

ICD-11 Alpha Draft 11 May 2010 [3.46 mins]

Brief introduction to the development of ICD-11.

ICD-11 ICTM March 2010 [10.40 mins]

International Classification of Traditional Medicine consulation

This three day WHO consultation on traditional medicine was held in Geneva, in March. The meeting discussed a proposal for an International Classification of Traditional Medicine (ICTM) to parallel the ICD.

The ICTM is projected for 2014 as a new member of the WHO Family of International Classifications (WHO FIC). The vision for ICTM is to produce an international, standardised classification system of terminology, definitions, safety and treatment properties for traditional, complementary and alternative medicine according to a common content model.

All 13 ICD YouTube videos are collated on this page on this DSM-5 and ICD-11 Watch site sub page:

ICD-11 YouTubes:


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