No publication of an ICD-11 Alpha Draft for public scrutiny

There will be no publication of an ICD-11 Alpha Draft for public scrutiny

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For some time now, I have been trying to establish whether ICD Revision intends to release any form of ICD-11 Alpha Draft for public scrutiny. An Alpha Draft had originally been scheduled for May 2010.

On 6 August, ICD Revision on Facebook had stated:

“The ICD-11 Alpha Drafting process has been ongoing since the first iCamp that was held in Geneva, Switzerland in September 2009. A draft print version will be available in September 2010.”

On 29 September, I asked:

“Clarification would be welcomed on whether an Alpha Draft will be available this month for internal use only or whether it is intended for public viewing, and if for public viewing, in what format(s)?”

which received no response.

On 6 October, I asked, again:

“On 6 August, ICD Revision on Facebook stated that “A draft print version will be available in September 2010”. Other than what can be seen on the iCAT collaborative authoring platform, will ICD Revision please clarify for stakeholders, whether any form of Alpha Draft for ICD-11 is going to be placed in the public domain, when this will now be released, and in what formats?”

On 15 October, ICD Revision on Facebook responded: 

“Indeed a print version is available but as an alpha draft it is not for public consumption. Public draft ( beta draft) was and (is still) targeted for MAY 2011. iCAT authoring platform is not open to public and should be only seen by designated authors. — This is not something opaque. any project of this size and complexity has to pass through stages. In May 2011 more user-friendly software and easy-to-view options will be available…”

At that point, it was in fact the case that both the iCAT authoring platform server and the iCAT demo and training platform had been viewable by the public, although only WHO, ICD Revision Steering Group, ICD Revision IT technicians and Topic Advisory Groups (TAGs) had editing access.

The iCAT production server is at:
The iCAT demo and training platform is at:

In early November, access to viewing the iCAT and the iCAT demo platform was closed to the public. 

Topic Advisory Group (TAG) members now require a password login for both browsing and editing the iCAT or importing data and the public can no longer view the iCAT and the population of ICD Title Categories and Content, at all.


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