DSM-5 Web Site Period for Comments has Been Extended to July 15

DSM-5 Web Site Period for Comments has Been Extended to July 15

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The comment period for the second public review and feedback on proposals for draft criteria for DSM-5 was scheduled to close at midnight, yesterday, June 15.

I noted this morning that it was still possible to upload comments.

This afternoon, the APA has posted a notice on the DSM-5 Development site announcing a four week extension for submission of comments, until Friday, July 15.

APA announcement, today, June 16:


DSM-5 Web Site Period for Comments has Been Extended to July 15!

We are extending the period for submitting comments and suggestions to the web site regarding the proposed diagnostic criteria revisions, and the newly proposed organizational structure for DSM-5. We are appreciative of the ongoing interest in contributing to this process and are extending the period for submitting comments until July 15th. This extension will also permit reviews and comments for the newly proposed criteria and approach for the assessment of Personality Disorders, which are now being uploaded to the website for release. Our thanks to those who have already provided contributions to this interactive process.

I expect the APA has not received sufficient numbers of responses to comfortably announce in a news release. (Last year they reported having received over 8,000.)

I had asked Dr William Narrow, Task Force member, on June 4, when the DSM-5 website was offline for much of the day, for an extension until at least the end of June.

The extension announced today runs to July 15. Even better!

So those of you who did not submit now have additional 4 weeks in which to submit responses.

I want to see thousands telling the APA why they need to rip up these proposals for the revision of the “Somatoform Disorders” and start again.

Copies of patient organizations, patient and advocates responses, plus the Coalition4ME/CFS’s template letter here: http://wp.me/PKrrB-19a

Thanks to all of you who have already submitted. 

Suzy Chapman

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