DSM 5 and Diagnostic Inflation: Reply To Misleading Comments From Task Force: Allen Frances

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Allen Frances, MD, who chaired the Task Force that had oversight of the development of DSM-IV, is currently professor emeritus, Duke University.

DSM5 in Distress
The DSM’s impact on mental health practice and research.
by Allen Frances, M.D.

DSM 5 and Diagnostic Inflation
Reply To Misleading Comments From The Task Force

Allen Frances, MD | January 23, 2012

My biggest concern regarding DSM-5 is that it will dramatically increase the rates of mental disorder by cheapening the currency of psychiatric diagnosis—arbitrarily and carelessly reducing thresholds for existing disorders and introducing new disorders with high prevalence. This would create millions of newly mislabeled “patients,” resulting in unnecessary and potentially harmful treatment, stigma, and wasteful misallocation of scarce resources…

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DSM-5 and Diagnostic Inflation: Reply to the DSM-5 Task Force
Allen Frances, MD | January 23, 2012

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