Allen Frances: “Follow the Money”

Allen Frances writing on Huffington Post: “Follow the Money”

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Allen Frances, who had oversight of the development of DSM-IV, responds to DSM-5 Inaccuracies: Setting the Record Straight by James H Skully, CEO and Medical Director to the American Psychiatric Association.

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Follow the Money

Allen Frances MD | June 9, 2012

…The APA budget depends heavily on the huge publishing profits generated by its DSM monopoly. APA needs the money badly. It is losing paying members; other sources of funding are also on a downward trend; and its budget projections require a big May 2013 injection of DSM-5 cash…

…APA treats DSM-5 like a valuable publishing property, not as a public trust that importantly impacts on people’s lives and public policy. It is excellent at protecting its “intellectual property” with confidentiality agreements and at protecting its trademark and copyright with bullying threats of law suits. But APA has been sadly incompetent and wildly profligate in the day-to-day work of actually producing a safe and scientifically sound DSM-5.

Dr Scully is asking us to believe ten very unbelievable things. My view – if you want to understand why an unreliable and unsafe DSM-5 is being rushed prematurely to market – is to “follow the money…”

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