One Last Chance For APA To Make DSM 5 Safer: Allen Frances, M.D.

One Last Chance For APA To Make DSM 5 Safer: Allen Frances, M.D.

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One Last Chance For APA To Make DSM 5 Safer

Other wise there will likely be a buyer’s revolt.

Allen J. Frances, M.D. | December, 16 2012

Two weeks ago the Trustees of the American Psychiatric Association made the serious mistake of approving and rushing to press a DSM 5 that has many unsafe and untested suggestions.

The reaction has been unexpectedly heated: dozens of extremely negative news stories, many highly critical blogs, and a number of calls for a DSM 5 boycott in the US, England, France, Australia, Spain, and Italy…

Round up of recent DSM-5 media

The Daily Beast

The DSM’s Controversial Update

December 9, 2012

New Scientist

Magazine issue 2895.

Target faulty brain circuits to treat mental illness

Peter Aldhous | December 12, 2012

“Some critics argue that it’s time to rip up the manual and start again – with wider input. In the coming weeks, organisers of a petition to reform DSM-5 backed by 14,000 mental health professionals plan to launch an online forum to debate a new diagnostic system…”

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