DSM-5 Round up: April #2

DSM-5 Round up: April #2

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Update at April 13:


Abnormal Is the New Normal

Why will half of the U.S. population have a diagnosable mental disorder?

Robin S Rosenberg | April 12, 2013

Via Patrick Landman @landman35635068

News of a forthcoming event about the “medicalization of childhood” and the consequences of DSM-5. The organizers belong to the STOP DSM international movement.

6-8 June, 2013  Palais Rouge, Buenos Aires, Agentina


Fundación Sociedades Complejas

La FUNDACION SOCIEDADES COMPLEJAS. PROYECTOS EN SALUD Y EDUCACION se instituye con el objeto de promover el desarrollo, la capacitación, la formación, la investigación y el perfeccionamiento continuo de todos aquellos profesionales de la salud, la educación y la cultura que trabajan con bebes, niñas…

See also guest editorial by Patrick Landman on Side Effects at Psychology Today

Why DSM-5 Concerns European Psychiatrists

A guest contributor from Paris explains why the manual’s power is misplaced

Published on March 18, 2013 by Christopher Lane, Ph.D. in Side Effects

Patrick Landman, Université de Paris VII



The New Yorker

The D.S.M. and the Nature of Disease

Gary Greenberg | April 9, 2013

…The D.S.M. has enormous impact on the public health. It determines which conditions insurers will cover, which drugs regulators will approve, which children will receive special-education services, and which criminal defendants will be able to stand trial and, in some cases, how they will be sentenced. Psychiatry has already reached far into our daily lives, and it’s not by virtue of the particulars of any given D.S.M. It’s because the A.P.A., a private guild, one with extensive ties to the drug industry, owns the naming rights to our pain. That so significant a public trust is in private hands, and on such questionable grounds, is what we ought to worry about.

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Selling Sickness 2013: People Before Profits: February 20-22, Washington D.C.

Selling Sickness 2013: People Before Profits: February 20-22, 2013, Washington D.C.

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Selling Sickness 2013 People Before Profits

February 20-22, 2013

Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill

Washington D.C.

     Selling Sickness 2013 Flyer

A conference for academic scholars, healthcare reformers, consumer organizations and advocates, and progressive health journalists.

Selling Sickness 2013 will feature panels, roundtables, workshops, book discussions and exhibits to examine and challenge disease-mongering (overtreatment, conflicts of interest, overdiagnosis, incomplete and misleading news coverage, hidden data, biased clinical trials, federal and state lapses, professional rhetoric and rationalization, etc.)


Selling Sickness Blog

For all information please contact the organizers at: info@sellingsickness.com

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