‘Somatic Symptom Disorder’ in Current Biology, 22 April, 2013

‘Somatic Symptom Disorder’ in Current Biology

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The April 22 edition of Current Biology publishes a feature article on DSM-5 by science writer, Michael Gross, Ph.D.

The article includes quotes from Suzy Chapman and Allen Frances on the implications for diverse patient groups for the introduction of the new Somatic Symptom Disorder into the next edition of the DSM, scheduled for release in May.

The article also mentions the influence of Somatic Symptom Disorder on proposals for a new ICD category – Bodily Distress Disorder – being field tested for ICD-11 and ICD-11-PHC [1].

…Chapman and Frances are concerned that the new definition of SSD will also be reflected in ICD-11. ICD-11 is field testing a new category Bodily Distress Disorder proposed to replace six or seven existing ICD-10 somatoform disorders, which, according to working group reports on emerging proposals, mirrors the DSM-5 somatic symptom disorder definition, says Chapman.

The article can be read in full at:

Current Biology 22 April, 2013 Volume 23, Issue 8

Copyright 2013 All rights reserved. Current Biology, Volume  23, Issue  8, R295-R298, 22 April 2013


Has the manual gone mental?

Michael Gross

Full text: http://www.cell.com/current-biology/fulltext/S0960-9822(13)00417-X

PDF: http://download.cell.com/current-biology/pdf/PIIS096098221300417X.pdf

1 ICD-11 Beta drafting platform: Chapter 5: Bodily Distress Disorder: Mild; Moderate; Severe

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