Media coverage: Karina Hansen now detained six months against her will in Hammel Neurocenter, Denmark

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Update at September 9: According to reports linked to by ME Forenginen, Danmark, on Facebook:

The Hansen parents had a court hearing on September 5, 2013, to challenge the legality of Karina’s guardianship. Karina’s removal from her home by the authorities and her continued detention at Hammel Neurocenter was not scheduled to be covered during the court proceedings.

The Danish Aktion Karina/Term group that has been protesting outside Hammel Neurocenter and the Aarhus Research Clinic for Functional Disorders (the clinic that is advising Hammel Neurocenter on Ms Hansen’s treatment), are planning a new demonstration in front of the Ministry of Health. The event is scheduled for September 26, in Copenhagen.

For more information on this event:

Update at August 30: It is understood that a meeting between the Hansen parents and physicians at Hammel Neurocenter took place on Tuesday, August 28; that Dr Gerdes and lawyer, Mr Tørnes, were not permitted to attend this meeting and that the parents were denied access to visit their daughter.* I will post further information if and when an official update is released.


There have been further protests staged, this week, at Hammel Neurocenter:

Aktion Karina – Myalgisk Encephalomyelitis (ME) Aktion 2, Dag 1:

Update: According to ME Forenginen, Danmark, on Facebook, the Hansen parents have been called to a meeting in the next couple of weeks with Merete Stubkjær Christensen, chief physician, Regionshospitalet, Hammel Neurocenter. Doctor Stig Gerdes and lawyer, Paul Tørnes, have sent a further letter to the Aarhus Research Clinic for Functional Disorders (that is advising Hammel Neurocenter on Ms Hansen’s treatment), following a telephone conversation with the Clinic. It is understood that Dr Gerdes and Mr Tørnes were hoping to attend this anticipated meeting with Merete Stubkjær Christensen to support the parents.

Update: YouTube: Danish Aktion Karina/Term group protest (Day 5):

Update: YouTube: Danish Aktion Karina/Term group protest Hammel Neurocenter (Day 4):

Update: New article, August 14: Dagbladet Holstebro (Subscription required for access)

Beskyldte mor for alvorlige svigt af syg datter (Accused mother of serious failure of sick daughter)

Update: YouTubes: Danish Aktion Karina/Term group protests about Karina Hansen’s treatment (Days 1 to 5):

Aktion Karina Day 1:

Aktion Karina Day 2:

Aktion Karina Day 3:

Aktion Karina Day 4:

Aktion Karina Day 5:

“Karina er en 24 årig ME-syg kvinde, som er blevet tvangsindlagt på Hammel Sygehus, underkastet regler for psykiatrien og hun er under psykiaterne på Forskning klinikken for de såkaldte funktionelle lidelsers bestemmelser og fulde kontrol.

“Karinas telefon er gået død, og er ikke mere i brug. Karina har ikke adgang til en PC. Familiens advokat har fået at vide, at han ikke er Karinas advokat. Karina må ikke modtage besøg.

“Karinas retssikkerhed er alvorligt truet. Karina udsættes for fysisk træning, hvilket ofte skader Me-patienter. Karina har ikke set sine forældre siden indlæggelsen for over 100 dage siden. Psykiaterne på Forskningsklinikken for de såkaldte funktionelle lidelser har fået ansvaret for ME-syge i DK, selvom udenlandske og indlandske eksperter mener, at ME er en neurologisk eller en immunologisk sygdom og ikke en psykiatrisk sygdom. Psykiaterne har voldsomt brug for en succeshistorie, da de har fået ansvaret for et helt nyt ME-videns-center, som fremover skal have ansvaret for ME-syge i DK. Psykiaterne på Forskningsklinikken vil ikke samarbejde med specialister i ME, men kun med andre psykiatere.”

Aktion Karina/Term site –

Update: New article, August 14: Ekstra Bladet

Voldsomt: 5 betjente tvangsindlægger 24-årig  (Violently: 5 cops forced hospitalization of 24-year-old)

Lige nu demonstrerer ca. 20 borgere mod tvangsindlæggelsen af 24-årige karina, der blev fjernet fra hjemmet – uden forældrenes accept Af: Thomas Harder

(Right now, around 20 citizens demonstrate against forced admission of 24 year old Karina, who was removed from home – without parental consent By Thomas Harder)

“De har taget hende og har gjort hende til en psykiarisk sygdom – men hun er fysisk syg, og vi er meget bekymrede for hende”

(“They have taken her and assigned her a psychiatric illness – but she is physically ill, and we are very concerned for her”)

As previously posted on August 14


“…They have not seen their adult daughter for almost six months, after she was forcibly hospitalized in Hammel Neurocenter. Against her parents’ wishes. Against her own wishes. Not even their daughter’s lawyer can get an explanation…”


KHBW2On 12 February, 24 year old Karina Hansen of Holstebro, Denmark, was removed from her home by five policemen, two doctors, two social workers and a locksmith, who threatened to break down the door to the family home.

She was taken, against her will, to Hammel Neurocenter. For six months, now, Karina has remained in hospital and is denied visits from her parents, Per and Ketty Hansen.

Karina is unable to access her legal representative because the hospital and health authorities refuse to acknowledge the lawyer whom she engaged to represent her, in 2012.

The authorities have appointed a guardian over the heads of Karina and her parents, who held power of attorney for their daughter, pictured on the left.

Rebecca Hansen, chairman, ME Foreningen, Danmark (ME Association, Denmark), who is not a relative, has been acting as lay advocate to the Hansen family. The most recent update on Karina’s situation was published here on Dx Revision Watch, in June.

For links to translations of Update 2: Human Rights denied: Something rotten in the state of Denmark: Karina Hansen’s story in Danish, German and Dutch go here.

Professor Per Fink, Aarhus Research Clinic for Functional Disorders is advising Hammel Neurocenter on Karina’s treatment – a treatment regime she has made plain she does not wish to receive, in a setting she does not wish to be detained in.

Her rights, as a patient, to determine where and by what means and for how long she is treated, to receive documentation and a treatment plan and access to her family and her lawyer, are being denied by Danish Health authorities.

For information on Aarhus Research Clinic and Per Fink et al’s construct of Bodily Distress Syndrome, see Part Two of Dx Revision Watch Post: ICD-11 Beta draft and Bodily Distress Disorders; Per Fink and Bodily Distress Syndrome


National media coverage of the case

On August 10, four reports were published by the newspaper, BT, Danmark (a Danish national tabloid):

Forældre nægtet at se syg datter: ’Mor, hvordan skal jeg komme væk herfra?’

(Parents are refused [visits] to see sick daughter: ‘Mom, how do I get out of here?’)

by Morten Eggert


Derfor blev 24-årige K fjernet fra sine forældre

(Why was 24 year old K removed from her parents?)


24-årig patient: I slår mig ihjel

(24 year old patient: “You are killing me”)

(As I don’t speak Danish and since this is a very sensitive case, I prefer not to provide imperfect and potentially inaccurate auto translations or summaries; the gist of these reports can be roughly auto translated via Google, Bing or other translators.)



Politiker: De må ikke tvangsindlægge

(Politician: They don’t forcibly hospitalize)

“Liselott Blixt, health spokesperson for Dansk Folkeparti (The Danish People’s Party) and Chairman of the Folketing § 71-supervision, which keeps an eye on the use of coercion, has now prompted a statement from Region Midtjylland on this deeply unhappy case…”


Local media coverage

A local paper (Dagbladet Holstebro-Struer) also reported on the case, last week, on 10 August, with a four page interview with Per and Ketty Hansen. Subscribers can read the interview with Karina’s parents, in Danish, online, here:

They took our daughter

From ME Forenginen, Danmark’s Facebook page:

On August 13, BT published an interview with ME Forenginen, Danmark’s, Vice-Chair, Cathrine Engsig, about the treatment of Karina Hansen and her parents:




According to ME Forenginen, Danmark’s, Facebook page, a non-affiliated Danish group has started a 5 day demonstration in Aarhus and Hammel to raise awareness of Karina’s plight.

A series of demonstrations started on Monday, 12 August, and ends on Friday, 16 August, in the afternoon.

More information here:



According to ME Forenginen, Denmark’s Facebook page, doctor Stig Gerdes and lawyer Stig Tornaes have contacted psychiatrist, Professor Per Fink, Aarhus Research Clinic for Functional Disorders, who is advising Hammel Neurocenter on Karina’s treatment. A copy of their letter can be read, in Danish, on ME Forenginen, Danmark’s, Facebook page, here:

I will update when further official updates or media coverage become available.

Reports and updates on Dx Revision Watch site on the Hansen family’s situation are being published as provided by, and in consultation with, Rebecca Hansen, Chairman, ME Foreningen, Danmark (ME Association, Denmark), or edited from reports as provided. Dx Revision Watch site has no connection with any petitions or initiatives, or with any websites, social media platforms or other platforms set up to promote petitions or initiatives, or to otherwise raise awareness of the Hansen family’s situation. All enquiries in relation to any petitions or other initiatives, or platforms associated with them should be addressed directly to the organizers, sponsors or owners responsible for them.


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Official petition launched and sponsored by the ME Association of Denmark, and approved by the Hansen family:
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For information on Bodily Distress Syndrome see Part Two of Dx Revision Watch Post: ICD-11 Beta draft and BDD, Per Fink and Bodily Distress Syndrome
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