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I am still seeing considerable confusion, misunderstanding and misreporting around what can and what cannot be determined from the public version of the ICD-11 Beta drafting platform on emerging proposals for revision of ICD-10′s Somatoform disorders.

If writing about complex classificatory revision processes, I suggest you first familiarize yourselves with how the several ICD-11 Beta drafting platform linearizations function and interrelate; that you inform yourselves about the proposals of both of the ICD-11 working groups charged with making recommendations for potential revision of the ICD-10 Somatoform disorders, including obtaining and scrutinizing key journal papers, reports and presentations on emerging proposals published by members of both working groups; and that for comparison, you have an understanding of the existing F45 Somatoform disorders framework and the disorder descriptions and criteria for the categories located under this section of ICD-10, and that you are also familiar with the construct and criteria for DSM-5’s Somatic symptom disorder, in order that you can provide evidence based, accurate and up to date information and analysis, within the limitations of what information is public domain.

Reiteration of misinformation and inaccurate reporting on blogs, websites and social media platforms helps no-one. It devalues patient and carer concerns; it undermines the work of advocates committed to providing accurate, referenced and timely information; it panics patients and provokes knee jerk “activism” and “slacktivism.”

It has become clear to me, down the years, that the majority of ME patients are not interested in evidence based reporting.

I am wasting my time.

For those who have listened, thank you. The site will remain online as a resource.

Suzy Chapman for Dx Revision Watch

“He that reads and grows no wiser seldom suspects his own deficiency, but complains of hard words and obscure sentences, and asks why books are written which cannot be understood.”  Samuel Johnson

Clarification: Coalition for Diagnostic Rights website

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Clarification: Coalition for Diagnostic Rights

A website called Coalition for Diagnostic Rights has recently been launched.

The site includes references to Suzy Chapman and to Dx Revision Watch.

Suzy Chapman/Dx Revision Watch is not associated with or affiliated to the Coalition for Diagnostic Rights website or with any registered or unregistered organization associated with that site, and has no responsibility for content published on that site, or published in the name of that site on other platforms.

Suzy Chapman
Dx Revision Watch

New Theme for Dx Revision Watch: WordPress Enterprise Theme

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Regular visitors to this site may have noticed a recent change in the WordPress theme from Truly Minimal to WordPress Enterprise Theme.

I have made a number of modifications to the default Enterprise Theme CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Additional modifications may be effected as I become more acquainted with the CSS for this particular theme.

For users who are running Enterprise Theme and who may be interested in the customization, the current CSS modifications for this site are set out on this page, with examples of further basic CSS modifications to the theme:

About > CSS modifications

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Site design in transition

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Image belgianchocolate Creative CommonsFor some time now, this site has run on WordPress theme ‘Garland’ with the Custom Design CSS upgrade. It’s time for a change.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sampling a couple of other themes – this is WordPress ‘Truly Minimal.’

The site will be in a state of flux while I settle on a new template and customize it to better suit my content. So the appearance of the site, the font colours, leading, background and the way that quotes display may change from day to day.

With the publication of DSM-5 imminent, I shall also be taking some time over the coming months to attend to site housekeeping, updating tab pages and archiving older material.

WordPress themes are optimized for FireFox. If viewing in IE 8, 9 or 10, please view in IE Compatibility Mode or use Firefox or Chrome. Depending on OS and browser and settings, the fonts used for the site header and post headings in this theme (Droid Sans and Droid Serif) may be rendered better by IE 10 than by Firefox or Chrome.

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New domain for Dx Revision Watch and new Twitter address

New domain for Dx Revision Watch and new Twitter address

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Please note the domain for this site has changed to

Previous links to posts and pages are being mapped across to this domain but you may like to update Bookmarks and update links to the Home Page on websites and blogs.

The Twitter page associated with this site has also changed from



These are voluntary changes and not related to the threats of legal action issued on behalf of American Psychiatric Publishing, A Division of American Psychiatric Association, which forced a domain and site name change, last December [1].

1] Media coverage: American Psychiatric Association (APA) “cease and desist” v DSM-5 Watch website; Legal information and resources for bloggers and site owners

WordPress glitch when viewed in Internet Explorer IE8 and IE9

WordPress glitch when viewed in Internet Explorer IE8 and IE9

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Update at July 16: WordPress has now fixed these issues with Garland theme.

This site (and ME agenda site) run on the WordPress theme (template) Garland with the Custom Design upgrade which means I can modify Garland theme’s CSS.

On Thursday or Friday, WordPress implemented changes to some blog templates that enabled “infinite scrolling” – a site wide change being applied to WordPress themes that are suitable for its implementation.

Instead of displaying (in my case) the ten most recent posts, with the need to click for the next ten posts, “infinite scroll” automatically loads more posts.

I have deselected for this feature – I don’t like it and I don’t want it – so you won’t see many changes to the way in which the site functions.

You will see a button at the end of the tenth post for Load more posts and a link for Older posts and Newer posts. You can continue to access archived posts from the monthly Archive links in the right hand column.

There should be no problem when viewing the site in Chrome or Firefox. But there is currently a problem with Internet Explorer 8 and 9 (IE8 and IE9) which may be related to these recent changes or may be a separate issue.

This issue is affecting users of Garland theme and possibly some other themes.

If you are viewing this site in Internet Explorer 8 or 9 you are likely to see the following issues:

The site title Dx Revision Watch may be slow to load, may not load at all or unless the page is refreshed.

You may see no links at the bottom of the tenth post for Older posts and Newer posts though you should see a button for Load more posts.

Down the right hand column, the Search box, Twitter feed, Recent Posts, Links, Archives and Meta are all displaying over in the left side column, and right at the bottom of the page, so you’ll need to scroll right down to locate these.

The default font for posts on this site is Verdana. Occasionally, a post has been uploaded in Georgia and this may display for you in a larger font size than intended, for example this post Somatic Symptom Disorder criteria could capture millions more under mental health diagnosis.

Unfortunately WordPress Support appears to be closed until Monday, July 23, so this may take some time to get sorted. I have moved the Twitter feed over to the left column.

In the meantime, if you have Chrome or Firefox browsers loaded please consider using these.

Links for WordPress users seeking more information

WordPress Support notice about “infinite scroll”:

Blogger timethief:

Blogger wordpress tips:

(A very useful site for users on themes, html, formatting, tweaks and workarounds.)

WordPress Forums:

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